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The reasons supporting a conclusion in an argument are called|Definition And Examples Of Conclusions In Arguments

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Ethics Chapter 1-4 Flashcards - Quizlet

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cogent argument A good inductive argument. Since the premises are true and the form is strong, there is good reason to believe the conclusion.For instance: Q)Who is your favorite lecturer? A) Mr.In many cases, a second language can help people to have better understanding and appreciation of their first language.” (Taken from an Article in The Star news magazine).

amphiboly An informal fallacy of ambiguity in which the arguer draws upon some ambiguity in the grammatical structure of a statement to draw a false conclusion from it."Mr.You should see that you can identify the issue by turning the conclusion into a question.

logical equivalence When two propositions have the same truth value.Please click here to review student answers on exercises on analyzing arguments.  After you review the samples you will have an opportunity to complete some exercises on your own.

(Often shortened to S term).The significance of arguments to critical thinking makes it important for all of us to understand the term, and its relationship to some of the basic language of the critical thinking course.Can be direct or indirect.

begging the question A group of informal fallacies of presumption, in which the conclusion is actually assumed as a premise, though it looks like new information is proven.reducing the scope when working with term compliments, narrows down the range of objects referred to.Jones has served in the U.S.

Ask yourself what question the argument seems be answering, and then look for the answer to that question.Similarly, terms such as "since," "because," "for," and "inasmuch as" often introduce a premise.The rest of the world can't really dispute whether I liked the book or not, but they can argue about the benefits of liberal arts.

Ethics Chapter 1-4 Flashcards - Quizlet

If one were dropped the other wouldn't support the conclusion on its own.Statistics include raw numbers (117 million visitors to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,), averages ('women's bowling teams drink on average two pitchers less then men's'), statistical probabilities ('crossing North Main during rush hour increases your chances of death 20%'), and statistical trends ('applications have risen 40% over the past three years').Senate for twelve years and has extensive experience in foreign affairs" is the premise. Issues and Arguments.

predicate term The second term in a categorical proposition.major term The term in a standard form caregorical syllogism which is in the major premise and is the predicate term of the conclusion.Identifying Arguments, Conclusions, and Premises.

Can be direct or indirect.

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Sometimes students conclude that a specific passage is not and argument because they agree with the premise(s) and conclusion.You should support him for President.".

You should see that you can identify the issue by turning the conclusion into a question.standard form English sentences are translated, following strict formal guidelines, which make it possible to study arguments objectively. The Purpose of Arguments: To Convince or Persuade.

Speakers of more than one language have better understanding of how languages are structured because they can compere across two different systems. However, people who speak only one language lack this essential point of reference.contraposition An operation to manipulate the content of a standard form categorical proposition without changing the truth value.

Critical Thinking Final Flashcards | Quizlet

One of the objectives of this lesson is for you to be able to distinguish sets of propositions that are arguments from those that are not arguments.Conclusion: A good society treasures its dissidents and mavericks.I statement A particular, affirmative, standard form categorical proposition.

If the antecedent is true the consequent will have to be true as well, for the conditional statement to be true.Recall something that someone has tried to convince you of -- something you should do or believe -- in the last several days? Make note of this example because we will come back to it.A common error is to mistake propositions like the following as being two propositions: "If Andre comes to the party, then Susan will stay at home."  We will discuss these types of propositions (they're called "conditionals") later in this course.

This everyday conception of argument can cause confusion at times when you try to identify arguments.It is a fallacy of relevance. there are three types, Abusive, circumstantial and tu quoque.Jones has served in the U.S.

While arguments are intended to convince, this does not mean that all attempts to convince are arguments.For instance: Q)Who is your favorite lecturer? A) Mr.I statement A particular, affirmative, standard form categorical proposition.

Propositions are sentences or phrases that can be judged to be true or false, for example "The sky is blue" and not "please hurry!".A proposition offered in support of a conclusion can be called simply a reason, or a premise."We can always test an argument," says D.

The reasons supporting a conclusion in an argument are called appeal to the people An informal fallacy that uses the listeners' desire as a reason to believe the conclusion, rather than a premise.What are Premises and Conclusions in an Argument.

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